‘After the Show': Passionate & Mindful Living with Dr. Ray

What an experience… Well beyond what I had envisioned with this episode.  We were shooting at a studio with equipment far exceeding my flipcam and tripod, not to mention a professional behind the equipment in Michael Wisnieux of  Wiznu Studios. Thank you Michael!  You created a warm and inviting space for this rookie talk show host! :)

Selina and Dr. Ray
Sharing a laugh

When I was approached to do a web series nearly 18 months ago, I had no idea what any of this meant.  My role had always been behind the scenes.  The background. Happy to play an anonymous role.  Imagine the challenge to take a small camera and tripod, go on location and film a conversation. However, it didn’t take me long to settle in to the role… the camera is so small, I don’t really notice it much.

That being said.  This show was shot much differently and it provided me with great personal growth.

Dr. Ray, proved to be the perfect guest and the opportunity he provided was one that I’ll not so easily forget.  When the shoot began at Wiznu Studios, I had a difficult start.  The camera loomed large and I’m not sure whether it was the professional setup or the fact that I wasn’t in control.  LAUGHING”  Probably a combination of both.

Sensing my obvious discomfort fumbling the opening of the show… Dr. Ray stopped the shoot and took me through an exercise to presence myself.  These things I know and practice often, however… I was nervous and with help from Dr. Ray, I was able to settle into the fabulous conversation.  It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable with Michael, behind the camera and the conversation of ‘Passionate and Mindful Living’ with Dr. Ray. What a powerful experience and a breakthrough moment for me.

Dr. Ray’s succinct way of sharing his understanding of passionate and mindful living, reminded me of what I had stepped away from and he helped to reinforce ways of living life with this intention. There is something profound in experiencing… even for a moment… what it feels like to live a passionate and mindful life. Time does not exist.  It stands still for as long as you allow yourself to BE…  In the moment.

Thank you Dr. Ray, for sharing your authentic, down to earth spirit.

Would you like to know more about Dr. Ray?  Or perhaps you’d like to catch his latest FREE Online Workshop? Check below!  I have all the details. plus links!

Dr. Ray, Psy. D.



Upcoming FREE Online Workshop

‘Removing blocks from your feminine sensuality’

Join Dr. Ray and Antionette Cabral as the explore the undiscovered side of feminine sexuality and help you to remove blocks on this FREE live broadcast Monday June 11th from 7pm to 745pm PST. @ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dr-ray

For more information about this workshop… Go to:


Dr. Ray – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrRayDoktor

Dr. Ray – Twitter:  @raydoktor

Once again I am filled with Gratitude and Love for you all…

Thank you for being a huge part of my Blessed Life!

Namasteॐ Love

AND… A Big THANK YOU to All of You… for sharing your comments and feedback!

Thank you supporting ‘TSRS’ 

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  1. Great show, Selina! I really enjoyed Dr. Ray’s natural, unpretentious, fun and insightful approach. I’m working on how to take care of myself, intrinsically, and this show has given me some tools to consider. Thanks!

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