‘The Selina Ray Show’ Coming in July! – A 3 Part Series with Alisa K!

Coming in July,  a 3-Part Series with the always ‘Inspiring’ Writer, Life Strategist and Entrepreneur… Alisa K!

Alisa K presents a powerful and inspiring understanding of transformative life strategies. The series will be aired weekly, beginning…

July 3rd

Mark your calendars to join us in the conversation!

Namasteॐ Love


‘After the Show’: Passionate & Mindful Living with Dr. Ray

What an experience… Well beyond what I had envisioned with this episode.  We were shooting at a studio with equipment far exceeding my flipcam and tripod, not to mention a professional behind the equipment in Michael Wisnieux of  Wiznu Studios. Thank you Michael!  You created a warm and inviting space for this rookie talk show host! :)

Selina and Dr. Ray
Sharing a laugh

When I was approached to do a web series nearly 18 months ago, I had no idea what any of this meant.  My role had always been behind the scenes.  The background. Happy to play an anonymous role.  Imagine the challenge to take a small camera and tripod, go on location and film a conversation. However, it didn’t take me long to settle in to the role… the camera is so small, I don’t really notice it much.

That being said.  This show was shot much differently and it provided me with great personal growth.

Dr. Ray, proved to be the perfect guest and the opportunity he provided was one that I’ll not so easily forget.  When the shoot began at Wiznu Studios, I had a difficult start.  The camera loomed large and I’m not sure whether it was the professional setup or the fact that I wasn’t in control.  LAUGHING”  Probably a combination of both.

Sensing my obvious discomfort fumbling the opening of the show… Dr. Ray stopped the shoot and took me through an exercise to presence myself.  These things I know and practice often, however… I was nervous and with help from Dr. Ray, I was able to settle into the fabulous conversation.  It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable with Michael, behind the camera and the conversation of ‘Passionate and Mindful Living’ with Dr. Ray. What a powerful experience and a breakthrough moment for me.

Dr. Ray’s succinct way of sharing his understanding of passionate and mindful living, reminded me of what I had stepped away from and he helped to reinforce ways of living life with this intention. There is something profound in experiencing… even for a moment… what it feels like to live a passionate and mindful life. Time does not exist.  It stands still for as long as you allow yourself to BE…  In the moment.

Thank you Dr. Ray, for sharing your authentic, down to earth spirit.

Would you like to know more about Dr. Ray?  Or perhaps you’d like to catch his latest FREE Online Workshop? Check below!  I have all the details. plus links!

Dr. Ray, Psy. D.



Upcoming FREE Online Workshop

‘Removing blocks from your feminine sensuality’

Join Dr. Ray and Antionette Cabral as the explore the undiscovered side of feminine sexuality and help you to remove blocks on this FREE live broadcast Monday June 11th from 7pm to 745pm PST. @ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dr-ray

For more information about this workshop… Go to:


Dr. Ray – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrRayDoktor

Dr. Ray – Twitter:  @raydoktor

Once again I am filled with Gratitude and Love for you all…

Thank you for being a huge part of my Blessed Life!

Namasteॐ Love

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‘The Selina Ray Show’ June Premiere: Passionate & Mindful Living with Dr. Ray [Video]

Join me as I sit down with Dr. Ray, Psy.D.

Our conversation?  

Passionate and Mindful Living…

Dr. Ray, Psy.D.
Transformational Life Coach

Check it out… and be sure to look for ‘After the Show’!  I’ll share insight about the filming and information on

what Dr. Ray has coming up… Just for you!

Thank you Dr. Ray!

Namasteॐ Love 

“SPOTLIGHT” Inspiring People: Alisa K.

Who is Alisa K?

Over the years, I have been blessed to meet the most amazing people through social media… And this is exactly how I met this stunningly beautiful and inspiring woman.

What inspiration motivated me to ‘spotlight‘ Alisa K.?  

Okay… so you know when one of your facebook friends places a post on their wall that creates a dialogue, one in which everyone chimes in sharing authentically?  Well, Alisa K.’s comments on one such wall, drew me in. She shared her wisdom and beautiful soul with such great honesty and integrity, that I had to connect with her.

Graciously accepting my ‘friend request’, we began to converse via ‘facebook messaging’, leading to phone conversations and then onto having the opportunity to meet in person.  Alisa K. and her son, Rob were traveling from Colorado to L.A. for an event and we happily agreed to meet.

At a quiet little restaurant in the valley, Alisa K. and Rob (who all on his own is an inspiration), sat down and connected in the most extraordinary way.  As the conversation unfolded, I began to receive deeper insight into the visionary sitting across from me, and I wanted to share her with you.

Meet Alisa K.

Writer and Life Strategist, Entrepreneur:

For the past two decades Alisa K. has been working with women and men to design and develop the person they want to show to the world. Alisa K. using her insights, compassion and heart, breaks through limiting beliefs that hold people back from living a life they are in love with.

As a Scientist and Researcher, Alisa K. uses her unbound energy and personal gift to empower the complete transformation that enables the break in inhibiting and destructive belief systems.

Alisa K. has worked with many trapped in a world of darkness, stemming from rape, abuse, body disorder, sexual abuse, anger, depression and death. Breaking through the chains and letting go of low self-worth, undeserving; not feeling comfortable in their own skin, the result is reinventing women and men who are inspired and empowered personally; opening up what they already possess deep inside.

Work with Alisa K.

Mentorship Programs via Phone
Programs are 90 Day, 6 Month or 12 Months

Reinvent Yourself Programs via Phone or at her Studio
Programs are 90 Day, 6 Month or 12 Months

All programs include one 30 minute phone session each week. This will keep you connected, accountable and present.

“Anything is Possible”

Contact info:

By ‘living her truth‘, Alisa K. inspires me to stay true to myself and continue to live my purpose.

As a mentor, her philosophy, is this.  “She will not ask you to do anything that she has not done or is not willing to do. She will guide you to awareness, through limiting beliefs and creating a life you are in love with. She believes that by allowing support and playing to win you will achieve your results.”

I am inspired and I hope that you are too!  This world is filled with people who are about their ‘great, good work’ and I feel honored and blessed that I’ve had the good fortune to meet such a person in Alisa K.

Namasteॐ Love 

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‘After the Show’ with Brent Phillips!

Thank you all for watching!

There is so much to talk about regarding the show and would like to begin a dialogue regarding the link between “Healing and Manifesting”.  If you’d like to participate in the conversation, send me an email at selina@theselinarayshow.com with “Healing and Manifesting” in the subject line.  

…  I’ll begin by THANKING my Guest, Brent Phillips for taking the time out of his busy schedule to sit down with me at his office in Los Angeles and to share his wondrous story and Gift with us!

Brent Phillips

As you all may have noticed, ‘technical’ difficulties occurred during the filming and after weighing all my options, decided in the end, to air the show “as is” with a ‘ticker’ asking you to ‘keep listening’ to the show – and from your immediate feedback, I am so glad that I did!

Brent proved to be one of the most articulate and succinct guests to date, and I came away from the conversation feeling motivated and inspired.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” 
Henry Ford

“We all live in prisons that are constructed out of what we think we know”

~ Brent Phillips

As promised I am sharing Brent’s information about his books, programs, teleseminars and links: 

All information about Brent and his upcoming events, programs as well as his books can be found at Brent’s website:  www.FormulaForMiracles.net

Brent sent this along for all those who watch the show… His Gift for YOU!

Tele-Seminar Guest Information for Brent Phillips

It is recommended that you provide Brent with all the numbers you might used to contact him, so he can plug them into his phone and identify your phone calls and texts for priority response.

Website: www.FormulaForMiracles.net

Lee Erickson: support@formulaformiracles.net

Direct contact info for Brent:
Personal cell phone (text messages) – 310 617 4857
Office land line – 424 248 0893
Skype username – “thetabrent”
Fax line – 424 832 3177


The giveaway product is actually two gifts in one: an e-book called “The Secret Behind the Secret”, plus free admission to the next live Wealth Club group healing tele-seminar.

You can download the free product here:


Special offer URL and product details:


Note that all products are electronic. You may work with a third-party printer to print some of these products if you wish to create physical products to ship to customers.

“How can I create some miracles in my own life?”

* There’s a lot of free material and information on my Web site at formulaformiracles.net. I also regularly do free or low-priced group healing events such as “The Wealth Club”, “The Love Club”, and “The Health Club”.

* To learn more, you can read my two books -”Where Science Meets Spirit” and “Spiritual Weight Loss”, and watch the “Secrets of Muscle Testing video”

* The “Formula for Miracles” products are a great way to spark some major change in your life, so for example if you are struggling with money, don’t miss Unleash Your Inner Millionaire!

* Check out my “formula for miracles VIP club”, which is my inner circle of people who are serious about using spiritual techniques to improve their lives. It’s chock full of live events, recorded tele-seminars, and special audios, videos, articles, forums, and blogs to help you transform your life TODAY

Once again I am filled with Gratitude and Love for you all…

Thank you for being a huge part of my Blessed Life!

Namasteॐ Love

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It’s Up! “The Selina Ray Show”: Theta Healing and the ‘Formula for Miracles’ with Brent Phillips

Welcome to ‘The Selina Ray Show’ – A Body Mind & Spirit Web Series…

Meet MIT Graduate and ‘Unlikely Healer’, Brent Phillips.  Brent talks about his personal journey and what transpired to move him into this new field of work!  Miracles, Theta Healing and Law of Attraction are all discussed!

Namasteॐ Love

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TEASER: ‘Selina Ray Show’ – Brent Phillips ‘Unlikely Healer’

Brent talks about his first experience with healing through Theta Healing and how it transformed his life.


TONIGHT! All New Episode of ‘The Selina Ray Show’

PREMIERES TONIGHT!  Tuesday, May 1st at 7PM (PDT)!

M.I.T. Graduate and ‘Unlikely Healer’ – Brent Phillips

Theta Healing and the Formula For Miracles

Selina with Brent Phillips – M.I.T. Graduate and ‘Unlikely Healer’… 

In this ‘Teaser’ of the next episode of ‘The Selina Ray Show’, Brent Phillips shares his miraculous experience with Theta Healing.  

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

Namasteॐ Love

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Top 10 ‘Most’ Frequently Asked Questions…

Hello Delightful Souls!

Here is a list of the TOP 10 FAQ’s…

So, here we go…  I’ve answered the questions to the best of my current ability…

10.  What channel is the show on?

The show is on my YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/user/TheSelinaRayShow as well as here at http://www.theselinarayshow.com and several other places on the internet.  It can be watched world-wide 24/7.

 9.  Can I see the show in my country?

YES!  Of course.  If you have internet access you can watch the show anywhere/anytime.  So please… enjoy!

 8.  What is a web series?

As per Wikipedia:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_series

A web series is a series of episodes released on the Internet or also by mobile or cellular phone, and part of the newly emerging medium called web television. A single instance of a web series program is called an episode or webisode.

7.  Do you need assistance with filming?

Always!  Are you offering your services?  Send me an email and let me know what skills you have! selina@theselinarayshow.com

 6.  How do you find your guests?

Today, finding my guests has become much easier.  We find each other, through networking and sometimes I ‘cold call’ or contact prospective guests via email.  I share about what the show is about and ask if they’d like to be on it.  Sometimes, I surprise myself.

Let me know if  YOU are interested… Always looking for entertaining and knowledgable guests!

 5.  How can “I” be on the show?

Easy!  Just shoot me an email at selina@theselinarayshow.com or call me at 626.755.6779

  4.  Are you going to do ‘virtual’ shows?

You mean like through ‘Skype’? or on ‘Live Stream’?  I hope so… I’m looking into what equipment I’ll need and when I can get the technical part down (no problem), there will be an announcement.  Looking forward to having conversations with people all over the world!  The idea really gets me excited!

 3.  What has been your favorite topic to date?

This is the most difficult to answer, because every topic and guest has been hand-picked by me.  I am passionate and excited to present them all!  The Astrology show with Divine Harmony stands out… I’ve always had a deep fascination with Astrology and the Shadow.  Divine’s expertise really inspires me.  Hopefully, we will see her this season too!

I’m giving a shout out to all my guests!

Lorinda Rainwater, Reinaldo Robinson, Alicia Gargaro-Magaña, Dr. Ray Doktor, Joanne Cohen, Indira Parsons, Divine Harmony, Joyce Schwarz, Dot Todman, Jsu Garcia, Corey Jenkins… THANK YOU!

 2.  Why don’t you film on a set?

The show was set up to be mobile, ‘on the fly’ ‘gorilla style’… One shot with minimal editing.  With the challenges that I have encountered over the past year with sound, camera issues, filming locations (which I don’t see until I get to the shoot) and lighting… I’d love to evolve to a more stability in filming and editing.  Will shall see.  I’d like to have it remain organic, so who knows…

The #1 Most Frequently Asked Question is….

How do you make money doing your show?

The answer is… I Don’t.  Not yet anyway… The show has been a passion of mine over the past year, an offshoot of my “Wayshower” Blog, coaching practice and a natural (albeit challenging) evolution of my personal growth.

As the show has evolved and requests come in with the desire for a more polished look, I am seeing how important it is to find a way to monetize the production… to pay for itself.  My camera is on loan from the father of my beautiful son – he creates shows for television.  I’m editing on my small Macbook and have taught myself the technical aspects.

Last week I added a PayPal Donation button on my websites and on my posts… For those compelled to donate towards the show’s production.  I’m looking to offer advertising packages soon to also assist in the funding for the show.  If you have any ideas that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them!

Thank You For Your LOVE Donation… 

Thank you all for your interest and support… I enjoy and appreciate the feedback, comments and questions!  As I’m writing this post, I’ve begun the edit of an incredible show for May and can’t wait to ‘tease’ it – hopefully by the middle of next week!

Blessings to you all!

Namasteॐ Love

CONTACT Selina Today!
selina@theselinarayshow.com or call me at 626.755.6779

‘After The Show’ with Corey Jenkins

Okay Everyone… It’s “After the Show” and I feel so Blessed to be a small part of this wonderful community dedicated to authentic sharing!  Tonight’s guest, is such an inspiration and it’s a privilege to feature Corey and his work!

Here is a little bit about my experience with Corey:

'After The Show' with Corey Jenkins Host of "Life With Awareness"

Corey Jenkins - 'After The Show'

After the filming of the show, Corey and I spent another 30+ minutes sharing more of our experiences… all the while the camera was still rolling!  Knowing that this footage must have been really ‘something’, based on how uplifted I felt, the drive home from the Westside of L.A. to Pasadena was effortless.  Reflecting on all the events in my life that had led me to this very moment, I was feeling deep gratitude for all of it… the ‘good’, ‘bad’ and everything in-between.

P.S.  I may share this extra footage at some point… what do you think?

Corey Jenkins!

Check out Corey’s Website: http://www.LifeWithAwareness.com

‘Read To Me’: http://lifewithawareness.com/category/read-to-me/

Check out this Website: http://themaleroom.tv/

Like Corey on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LifeWithAwareness

Follow Corey on Twitter: @LifeWAwareness and @CoreyJenkins

'After The Show' - Selina -'talking with her hands'

Thank you Corey for being part of my life… my ‘movie’

Namasteॐ Love

AND… A Big THANK YOU to All of You… for sharing your comments and feedback! xoxo

Thank You For Your LOVE Donation… 

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